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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Go Build a House

Sitting here, reflecting on the first half of the Emerging Leaders program, I can feel the energy and excitement pulse through me. I am very aware that this unique program is arming me with such applicable and useful tools for engineering positive change at my organization. I know the toolbox metaphor may be overused, but bare with me as I develop it a bit more. I feel it fits too well here to pass up this opportunity to use it.

So, here goes:

I am emerging from my workbench, toolbox in hand, ready to take on the challenges that face the passionate workforce that makes up the non-profit sector. I am confident that my toolbox carries in it the right combination of wrenches, screwdrivers and drills, (with space to grow) that will enable me to take on a variety of projects.

Now a little on each tool:

Wrenches: first, assess the situation to determine the size you need. Once you have  the right fit, turn the wrench to the right to tighten the nut or bolt– whether it is trust building exercises for a dysfunctional team or providing feedback to a challenged peer or direct report.

Drills: powered by a network of passionate leaders and extended connections, this drill empowers you to dive into the toughest surfaces and make space for growth and development within any type of organization.

Hardware: the nails, screws and other thing-a-ma-jigs need to be used to hold together the pieces that make up your project – whether you’re building a table or a house – they will allow you give your project the structure it needs to become a success.

Now hop to it! Go build your house!

I am a problem solver. I become energized when I have the opportunity to think critically about a situation and come up with a creative yet realistic solution that will help further my goals and those of my organization. With each new Emerging Leaders session I feel more and more like a skilled handyman. I have a growing toolbox, but one that is sufficiently filled that I feel empowered to take on the challenges I face now and will likely face down the road as I pursue my career.

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