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Monday, September 23, 2013

E.M.E.R.G.E. (E.ncouraged, M.obilized, E.ducated, R.eflection, G.rateful, E.quipped)

Greetings Good People,

During my short time with the Emerging Leaders NYC cohort I have learned a tremendous amount about myself and others who are trying to navigate through the non-profit world. The need to improve and want more from yourself is an ongoing journey. To quote our amazing NYC cohort leader/facilitator Yael "We are like plants, if we don't grow we die."

It has been rare for me to find professional development opportunities that work inside out as Emerging Leaders does. I find that most times while working in the non-profit sector, all that matters is results, results, results which is fine to a degree. However, does one ever wonder how did those results come to be? Upon leaving each Emerging Leader session I feel empowered, effective, and enlightened as I head back to my vocation. The abundance of tools delegated (Emotional Intelligence Competencies/Speaker sessions/Leadership principles.,etc) serve as catalysts to my leadership awareness, and promotes growth along this path to being a complete leader.

Emerging Leaders as stated in my title post has thus far encouraged me to improve on existing talents that are at times under utilized in the work place, mobilized my thinking in relation to the principles of leadership, educated  the novice in me with reflection on my inner self by way of MBTI as well as the 360 feedback. I'm grateful for the engagement amongst the other souls who are ultra transparent via learning conversations within our sessions. As we near our upcoming fourth session in October, equipped is the adjective that best describes what Emerging Leaders has done for me. I have seen a difference not only in my  professional life but my personal life as well. 

Lastly, I would like to acknowledge to the focus, concern, patience, authenticity, and humility shown by Yael Sivi, Hilary Joel, and Rachel Benevento during the initial sessions. They have made my Emerging Leaders experience hands down the best professional development I've encountered at any level.

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